Trung Quốc, 1988
Thiết lập năm 1988
Mỹ, 2016
August 2016, Trendzone entered the North American market, achieved its initial success in overseas projects.
Malaysia, 2016
August 2016, established its first office in ASEAN market, Malaysia also become a valuable HR base for Trendzone’s global overseas expansion strategy.
Úc, 2017
October 2017, Trendzone accelerated its industrial integration and expansion in Australian market, successfully acquired GOSA which later became Trendgosa.
Cyprus, 2018
November 2018, Trendzone set up its presence in Cyprus, a strategic move towards its future expansion into EU and Middle East Market.
Vietnam, 2019
July 2019, Trendzone expanded into Vietnam. Further Strengthen its presence in ASEAN market, planning its Overseas Manufacturing Base. 
Ý, 2021
Feb 2021, AURA Design Group (by Trendzone) set up its Design Center in Milan, it performs as an important platform and communication hub and promote cooperations between top Architectural Firms, Design Studios, Talented designers from Europe, with top educational institutions, Peers and Business organizations from the Asia-Pacific region.