Design Service

Trendzone Design Division offers an integrated design services package covering Urban & Rural Planning, Architectural Design, Landscape Design, Indoor and Outdoor Environment Design, Interior Design, Furniture Design, and Soft Furnishing Design. 

We also provide Design and Consultation service for Specialized subjects and areas such as BIM specialization, Building Curtain Walls, Lighting Works and Traffic Consultation, Architectural Physics, and Sponge City Building Intellectualization etc.
Design Service
Market Coverage

New urbanization: Eco-city strategic planning, regional planning, urban design and urban renewal, rural planning.

Cultural tourism industry: Cultural tourism planning, characteristic towns, scenic area planning, leisure resort planning, resort hotels.

Real estate development: Architectural planning and interior design, and residential refined decoration design of Luxury homes, Boutique apartments, leased residences and elderly-care real estate.

Commercial real estate development: Architectural planning and interior design, commercial planning and operation of business and tourism townships, commercial blocks, and commercial complexes.

Hospitality: Architectural planning, interior design and brand planning of top international hotels, boutique hotels and resort hotels.

Construction engineering consultation: BIM, lighting design, traffic planning, building exterior wall, green building technology and building structure consultation.

Soft Furnishing & Decoration: Provision of an integrated soft furnishing & decoration services covering design, sourcing & procurement, full supply chain management and Scenario showcasing.